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Mission and Key Principles

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Mission & Key Principles of Part C Early Intervention


By completing this module, you will increase your knowledge of the 7 Key Principles for early intervention and learn what the principles look like and don’t look like. You will also gain knowledge and access to resources that will help you as you support and partner with families in early intervention.

Link(s):  There are a variety of versions of this presentation that may help support early intervention professional development offerings in your state/territory. Please see the Facilitators Information Guide below for how each of these versions may be used and/or adapted.  You may use the citation below to reference materials from this module.


Workgroup on Universal Online Part C Early Intervention Curriculum, Early Intervention-Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice. (2014). Mission and key principles. Retrieved from http://universalonlinepartceicurriculum.pbworks.com/w/page/79643462/Mission%20and%20Key%20Principles


Self-Paced Online Module



Interactive asynchronous module which includes embedded audio, video clips and learning activities. 






Mission and Key Principles

Power Point without Audio


**Some of the videos in the PPTX file are no longer accessible, yet they still play in the self-paced module.  The EI Curriculum Workgroup is in the process of revising/updating this content with hopes of having it completed early in 2022.




A power point version of the presentation that includes the scripted notes used to develop the online versions.  This version does not include any narration. 


Please note that there is a two step process to download this presentation.  Once you click the link above you will be taken to a preview screen (shown below). 

No preview is available so once you arrive at the "preview screen" you will need to click the "Download" tab as seen in the image below.



Facilitators Information Guide - A tool for instructors, administrators, PD providers, and/or supervisors

Mission & Key Principles - Learner's Guide.docx  A tool for adult learners completing the online module



Check for Understanding on the Mission and Key Principles of EI



Supplemental Resources


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