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Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum

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Universal Online

Part C EI Curriculum




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Welcome to the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum. This curriculum was developed by a national workgroup that formed in 2013 out of the Early Intervention-Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice (2009-2023) with a common goal to develop an online early intervention curriculum that can be shared as a training tool and/or family resource for anyone across the nation/globe seeking to learn about evidence-based early intervention practices.  In November, 2023, the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum Workgroup became a subgroup of the Division for Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice (DEC PD CoP). To learn more about the EI Curriculum Workgroup members and contributors visit the About page.


Helpful Information:

  • Resources on this site will continue to grow and evolve as the curriculum is being developed.
  • Curriculum is intended to support state and local level Early Intervention training initiatives.
  • Content is not state or territory specific and may compliment or supplement other early intervention technical assistance, and awareness efforts.
  • Adaptation/Customization of products/materials is permitted with appropriate citations (citation information provided on each module information page.) 
  • Content is intended to be free and accessible and individuals/programs should not benefit financially or profit from the use of materials. 
  • The Online Curriculum page includes a description {of each module} and links to available online versions of the modules and their associated resources.
  • Additional resources (e.g., module specific Learner's and Facilitator's Guides and Checks for Understanding to assess the knowledge gained from the learning experience) are included.
  • Certificates of completion and/or Continuing Education Units (CEUs)  are not provided by the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum Workgroup.
  • Check with your state or licensing body to determine if they offer CEUs for completing these modules.


Additional Information:

If you'd like to know more about the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum and how it might benefit you then please check out this flyer.  If you wish to become more involved in the content development process, learn more about how others are using these resources, or be informed of new postings on this workspace please visit the Participate page to learn more. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the EI Curriculum Workgroup please visit the Contact Us page.





We invite you to check out the resources found on this site and use materials in the manner that suits your needs.

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