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Teaming Tidbits

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Teaming Tidbits 





The Teaming Tidbits provide challenges, scenarios, and resources to support quality teaming behaviors introduced in the Foundational Pillars of Early Intervention Module.


Individuals are encouraged to complete the Foundational Pillars of Early Intervention, Quality Teaming module prior to exploring the Teaming Tidbits. Upon completion of the Teaming Tidbits, participants will have a deeper understanding of quality teaming practices they relate to understanding team purpose, value and respect for one another, communicating opening and honestly, helping one another learn and grow, and sharing common tasks and unique roles. 


The Tidbits include numerous opportunities for reflection as well as tools to support both the learner and the administrators/supervisors who support and prepare early intervention practitioners/service coordinators.  See below for links to access all the tools that come with this installment of the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum.



There are a variety of versions of this presentation that may help support early intervention professional development offerings in your state/territory. Please see the Facilitator's Guide below for how each of these versions may be used and/or adapted. You may use the citation below to reference materials from this module.


Workgroup on Universal Online Part C Early Intervention Curriculum, Early Intervention-Early Childhood Professional Development Community of Practice. (2020). Teaming Tidbits. Retrieved from https://tinyurl.com/universalEITeamingTidbits


Self-Paced Online Module



This narrated version includes opportunities to reflect, embedded learning activities and additional resources.


Introduction to Teaming Tidbits (6:26)

Understanding Team Purpose (10:10)

Share Common Tasks and Understand Unique Roles (10:00)

Help One Another Learn and Grow (9:57)

Value and Respect One Another (9:19)

Communicate Openly and Honestly (11:31)

Teaming Tidbit Takeaways (2:41)




Teaming Tidbits

PPTX Files

(no audio)



A PowerPoint version of the presentation that includes the scripted notes used to develop the online versions.  This version does not include any narration and formatting may vary pending the version of PowerPoint loaded onto your computer.


Introduction to EI Teaming Tidbits - 1-21-21.pptx

Teaming Tidbit - Understanding Team Purpose -1-21-21.pptx

Teaming Tidbit - Shared Tasks- 1-21-21.pptx

Teaming Tidbit - Helping One Another Learn and Grow 1-21-21.pptx

Teaming Tidbit - Value & Respect One Another - 1-21-21.pptx

Teaming Tidbit - Communicate Openly & Honestly 1-21-21.pptx

Teaming Tidbit Takeaways 11-20-21.pptx


Please note that there is a two step process to download these presentations. 

Once you click the link for the presentation you would like to view, you will be taken to a preview screen (similar to image below). 

Once you arrive at the "preview screen" you will need to click the "Download" tab as seen in the image below.


Teaming Tidbit Resources

All resources associated with the Teaming Tidbits can be found on here:  



Learner's Guide

The Learner’s Guide is a companion tool for individuals completing the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum Teaming Tidbits. It includes key definitions and concepts, space to make notes and reflect on activities, and key resources and references found within the module.

PDF (Fillable) Version (ALL Teaming Tidbits)

Word Version 

Please note: Formatting may be dependent upon the version of Word being used.


Facilitator's Guide

This Facilitator’s Guide is a tool to support individuals and/or organizations providing training for early intervention personnel. The guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the online Teaming Tidbits. It is not a “stand alone” resource for distribution. Facilitators using this guide are expected to have content knowledge of the information in the Teaming Tidbits as well as skills needed for group facilitation. The role of the facilitator using this guide is to provide support, stimulate discussion, and answer questions from participants navigating through the Teaming Tidbits. 


EI On the Fly: A podcast focused on all things Early Intervention

The second series of the podcast focuses one episode on each of the Teaming Tidbits to explore this information in a different style.  The podcast episodes feature professionals in the field of EI exploring some of the common challenges around teaming and collaboration and ways providers might overcome some of these challenges.

The podcast can be found at https://veipd.org/main/podcasts.html or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.  



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The Teaming Tidbits provide challenges, scenarios, and resources to support quality teaming behaviors introduced in the Foundational Pillars of Early Intervention Module

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