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Check for Understanding on the Mission and Key Principles of EI

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This "Check for Understanding" includes follow up questions in a variety of formats including multiple choice, reflective and case study examples to help you measure the learners understanding of the module's content and his/her ability to apply this knowledge to daily practice.  These questions can be used not only to assist in determining the learner's understanding of material, but to also enhance retention and transfer of learning.  


Depending on your organization's resources, learners could complete these activities on paper, electronically through a survey tool or Learning Management System (LMS), or through face to face discussions as part of a learning community, supervision or mentoring.  To see a sample for how one state has used some of the check for understandings using a survey tool which requires correct responses to multiple choice questions before obtaining a certificate of completion please click here.


Each "Check for Understanding"  includes a "Learner Version" and a "Master Version"  The "Master Version" includes some general instructions for how these can be used along the "answer key" and suggested responses and/or discussion points to consider for the reflective questions.  The "Learner Version" is what would be shared with learners after they complete one of the online modules in the Universal Online Part C EI Curriculum.


Please note that there is a two step process to download the word documents.  Once you click the link for the appropriate document (master or learner version) you will be taken to a another screen where you will need to click the "Download" tab. 


Mission and Key Principles Check for Understanding Master.docx

Mission and Key Principles Check for Understanding Learner Version.docx




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